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Belly Dancing Classes

Belly Dancing Classes are now on your time to work around your schedule! You can hire Kassi to teach weekly, monthly, or for a one time event such as a birthday party, baby shower, bachelorette party, etc. We can meet at my studio in Akron or at the location of your choice. (Travel fee will apply.)
Hourly Rate:
1-4 students: $40 
5-9 students: Add $10 per student. So for 5 students, the rate is $50/hour. For 6 students, $60/hour. Etc.
10+ students: $100 
Call or text me today to set up your lessons!

Contact Kassi to set up your lessons:


Click here to register for classes in Yuma, Akron, Brush, Sterling, and Fort Morgan.

"Hey, y'all! My name is Kassi, and I started belly dancing 10 years ago to help lose my baby weight after my daughter was born. I was pleasantly surprised to see my baby "pooch" rapidly become toned. But something much bigger happened. I fell in love with my body. I found that I had confidence and comfort in my own skin. I felt sensual and relaxed. I was more positive in my interactions with my husband and way less competitive in my relationships with other women. I was so in love that I continued to belly dance through my next three pregnancies, which helped to relieve the aches in my hips and back, as well as helped me learn to relax and move the baby down gently during my home births. Of course, I couldn't keep quiet and told all of my friends about it. Because there were no classes available in our area, I entered an online certification program, in which I had to take written exams and send videos of my performances to my instructor. I have now been teaching for five years, and I love belly dancing more than I ever have! My favorite thing about belly dancing is the unity it brings to women. I have women from age 7 to 70, all shapes, all sizes, all walks of life, and we all dance together and have a marvelous time. Something magical happens when you are given permission to just be yourself, your wonderful, splendidly created unique self. Suddenly you have presented a gift to the world that no one else can give. And when you have an entire room-ful of women expressing the truth of who they are with reckless abandon, I truly believe we just made the world a better place."

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