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Flash Mob 2019

Who: All ages welcome. No previous belly dance experience required. Learn the entire choreography online. Optional in-person classes available.

What: $25 Registration Fee includes a team T-shirt, access to all of the online classes, personal coaching with professional dancer Kassi Brent, and the opportunity to dance in all three flash mob performances. (Dancers can dance in 1, 2, or 3 performances. The price is the same.) This year, Kassi is teaming up with her good friend and ballroom dance instructor Bethany Brent to create a bellydance/1920s style fusion choreography to The Cantina song from Star Wars.


Saturday, July 13th--BOBStock (Fort Morgan, CO)

Friday, July 26th--Wray Daze (Wray, CO)

TBA--Yuma County Fair

Here's what last year's dancers are saying:

"What I enjoyed most last year was getting out of my comfort zone and doing something I’ve never done before but have always wanted to do. And that was to join a flash mob!
What better way to join a flash mob than belly dancing! I enjoy learning belly dance immensely.
Kassi is such a great teacher and makes everyone of all levels feel comfortable. I highly recommend you give it a try!! "

~Rochelle, Teacher and Artist

"I honestly had a great time with the flash mob. It was a great opportunity for my daughter and myself for bonding. She felt like it was our special time together. She also loved the glittery T Shirt!"

~Karalea, Nurse

"At first I was SUPER nervous to be a part of the flash mob. I’m not really a flashy showy kind of girl, but I do love to belly dance. When I agreed to be a member I envisioned myself somewhere in the back coming in towards the end and doing a few shimmy’s and calling it good. But that is NOT what happened. Kassi put me in the beginning of the song front and center for the world to see. I was terrified. But the choreography was super simple to learn and the song was fun to dance to! I ended up having a great time... even if it was out of my comfort zone! I look forward to many more years of belly dancing! "

~Jade, Photographer Assistant


"It was a super fun experience! At first I was nervous because I was recovering from a brain injury that messed up my balance and coordination but as I gained confidence practicing the tutorials, I became empowered and excited. I was still a bit nervous about messing up or jumping in at the wrong time leading up to the performance. Once the music started all of that went away and I felt empowered again. I would recommend the experience to all."

~Sue, Homeschool Mom

"Last year I had the extraordinary opportunity to be a part of a Belly Dance Flash Mob. The idea, at first, was intimidating. I was nervous about all the people, keeping track of my steps, and of course my appearance in general. Despite all my concerns, Kassi put my mind and ease and gave me a routine I could be confident performing. Practices were accommodating and fun, the routine was for all levels, and the other ladies and I had such an amazing time getting to know one another. The day of the performance went off without a hitch and the crowd was fantastic. Belly dancing has empowered me to be comfortable with my body, is a fun an enjoyable exercise, and a huge confidence builder."

~Missy, Municipal Court Clerk

"Last years flash mob was such a fun experience! I was so incredibly nervous but your encouragement was the push I needed to do something out of my comfort zone! It was great being a part of something and meeting new people. Practicing the choreography was a great workout and getting to wear a sparkly hip scarf in public was awesome! Anyone looking for a great new experience should definitely join the flash mob! "

~Shelby, Daycare Provider

""I just enjoyed how fun it was and how liberating it was to dance in public! I found the videos very helpful and the practice sessions very useful also, the one I could make!

~Christina, SAH Mom of 6

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