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An all natural sex lube? 

Uhm....yes, please!!!

Did you know?

Did you know that your body absorbs what you apply to your skin? And that the places that absorb the most are your armpits and your genitals? 

Did you know that most lubricants on the market are made with harmful chemicals like petroleum products, propylene glycol (used in antifreeze), and parabens (which have been linked to breast cancer and hormonal disruption)?

I am 100% not ok with that, and since you're here reading this, I bet that means you aren't either!!!!

So what makes us different?

We are not just another lube that added some random trendy essential oil or something and is now claiming to be "natural."

We are natural.

So natural that it will take me less than 15 seconds to tell you what's in our lube. (Unless you snail-read like my husband!)

~Unrefined African Shea Butter

~Raw Cocoa Butter

~Organic Coconut Oil

~Extra Virgin Olive Oil

~Vitamin E

~Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

This unique blend of butters and natural oils gives you just the right amount of slip and grip so that you can still feel all the feels without any skidding or scuffing or sticking (the 3 S's you DON'T want in the bedroom!).

Plus, each of these ingredients has healing, moisturizing properties so that it's actually GOOD for you! No need to wipe it off, just rub it in!

But does it work....?

Ok, I've been there....when sometimes "natural" means "sacrifice." We all know that no matter how hard you try, that gluten free pizza crust is going to taste like cardboard. And that safe, kid-friendly nail polish just washed off of her nails in the bathtub.

So....let's talk performance? Does it work? Because I am super uncomfortable "tooting my own horn," I will let my customers speak for me...

"Love the feel of it! It's not sticky at all, doesn't disappear quickly, and feel[s] so silky smooth! Really nice! [Husband] said he prefers it to any others we have used."


"Love, love, love this product! Way better than the other lubes I've used. More moisturizing and doesn't leave a funny residue afterwards. Love this product so much! I hope to always have this product on hand. Way better than KY lubes!"


"Delightful. Long lasting. But didn’t feel gross and sticky after. I love this stuff. like, I keep telling my friend I'm going to bring her a little sample."


"I loved it! Not greasy, but still provided the right amount of glide."


"Not as slippery, more grip = awesome. I'll be buying more. 
Doesn't leave me feeling dried out or raw."


"Kassi's lube is the best we've ever tried in 10 years!"


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As of December 2021, Christina Harris at Essential Lotus Creations is now making and selling EcoLife Intimate Moisturizing Cream. Click the button below to go to her website.

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